Amanda Hair Braiding - Clayton, NC
232 East Main st - Clayton NC 27520 - (919) 386-0557
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Amanda Hair Braiding - Clayton, NC

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Amanda Hair Braiding - Clayton, NC

  Salon Profile

At Amanda hair braiding we take pride in our capabilities for delivering all types of braids, weaves and twist. We do braids for women, men and children and for all types of hair. Our highly skilled team of braiders and natural hair stylist have years of experiences at delivering satisfaction to our very demanding clientele.  When it comes to braiding and natural hair styling, we offer all our customers unparallel quality work at reasonable  rates.



Business Hours
Walk-Ins Welcome & Appointments Preferred
  • Monday 12:30 Noon to 6:30 (last customers )
  • Tues to Thur 9:30am to 6:30pm (last customers )
  • Friday to Saturday 9 to 7:30pm (last customers   ) 
  • Sunday (available only by online appointment )

Our visites and consultations are absolutly free.  So be free to come and visite us, and have some conseil about your hair 

(919) 386-0557

Walk-Ins Welcome & Appointments Preferred

232 East Main st , Clayton NC 27520 USA
(919) 386-0557

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Amanda Hair Braiding - Clayton, NC

Clayton Hair Braiding